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Realty Coordinator

Join Volition and Power Toronto’s Leading Real Estate Investment Realty Team to New Heights

Position: Back-Office Investment Realty Support Coordinator; 6-month contract (with future evolution into Investor Realtor)

Number of Positions: 1 (Part-time to start)

About Volition:

Volition Properties ( is Toronto’s Leading Real Estate Investment Advisory & Realty Firm helping clients invest in Multi-Family, Luxury Multiplex Conversions, Laneway Housing, and more.  We provide all the services Private Real Estate Investors need in order to be successful in Toronto, having helped clients invest over $228M+ in real estate and generate over $113M+ in wealth.  We run Toronto’s largest Real Estate Investor Meetup (, and we were recently featured in HGTV (

Job Description:

Back-Office Investment Realty Support Coordinator: Support our Investment Realty team in working with clients and getting deals done

  • Drafting offers, deal paperwork, booking showings, coordinating schedules with clients/agents, confirmations, rescheduling, mapping out routes in a methodical & efficient way, booking into Realtors’ and clients’ calendars, putting showing notes and lockbox codes in calendar appointment, calling listing agents for more information / home inspection reports, Sales Reports, etc.
  • Time-sensitive, often dealing with urgent requests from the Realty team.
  • Exact hours TBD, but availability generally required during working hours (9am-5pm).
  • If already licensed, occasional need for opening doors for showings, inspections, revisits, etc.
  • Volition’s intention is for the candidate to initially gain experience and contribute in the Realty Coordinator role, but eventually train and transition towards being an Investor Realtor on the Volition team.

What Volition Offers You:

You will gain valuable experience:

  • Learn the real estate industry, processes, paperwork, how to structure deals. 
  • Learn about investment real estate and how to be a successful real estate investor in Toronto!
  • Work alongside expert real estate investors and Investor Realtors on the Volition team.
  • Transition into being a successful Investor Realtor in a risk-mitigated way (you will already have exposure, training, clients, etc.)

Growth Opportunities:

For the right candidate, possible career growth opportunities include:

  • Part-time to start (15-20hrs/week) with the potential and flexibility to grow into full-time as needed.
  • Investment Realty: Get licensed and transition to becoming one of the Investor Realtors on the team.
  • Investment Knowledge & Experience: Learn investment fundamentals from Sr. Volition team members enroute to becoming an expert real estate investor.
  • “The Hub”: Back-office deal-finding support for the Realty team.  Filtering of potential listings, property analysis pro formas & financials, pulling comps, matching properties to client needs.
  • Client Relations: outreach campaigns to keep in touch with old clients and hot leads (no cold calling!) who have engaged Volition previously, organizing database/CRM, lead generation activities.
  • Leasing Manager: lease out rental units for Volition clients & team members.  Learn to manage client expectations, rental rate analysis, prepare listing and lease paperwork, coordinate with existing tenants, screen prospective tenant applications, move in/out reports, coordinate repairs/photography, etc.

Attributes/Experience We Are Looking For:

  • Attention to detail
  • Extremely organized
  • Responsive & efficient
  • Ability to multitask and handle multiple deals/agent requests simultaneously
  • Friendly, collaborative, approachable attitude
  • Able to follow direction clearly
  • Passionate about real estate investing & about Volition
  • Real Estate Investor experience and mindset [MANDATORY]
  • Exhibits the characteristics necessary to evolve into an Investor Realtor on the team

Other Conditions & Requirements & Considerations:

  • Contract role (6 months) with possibility of extension and/or evolution into full-time.
  • Nice-to-haves:
    • Already licensed or enroute to being licensed (unlicensed will also be considered)
    • Lives in Downtown Toronto (or GTA) & has a vehicle (not immediately required, but will be required as an Investor Realtor)
    • Prior administrative/operations experience
    • Prior sales or client facing experience
    • Real estate investment experience (i.e. owns 1 or more investment properties already)
    • Understands Volition’s investment business model & investment strategy

How to Apply

  1. Fill out this Google Form
  2. Send your resume to with the subject line as Application for Realty Coordinator – [Your Name]

Investor Realtor

Be More Than Just A Realtor.  Level Up And Be An Investor Realtor With Volition Properties.

Position: Investor Realtor
Number of positions: 2

About Volition:  Toronto’s Leading Real Estate Investment Advisory & Realty Firm.  We are Real Estate Investment Experts specializing in Multi-Family, Luxury Multiplex Conversions, Laneway Housing, Condos, and Pre-Construction. We provide all the services Private Real Estate Investors need in order to be successful in Toronto.

Job Description:

  • Help investor clients find that ideal property so that they can take massive action, execute on their investment strategy, and reach their goals.  Clients are NOT tire-kickers, since they pay an Advisory Retainer to work with Volition.
  • Work with end-user clients (i.e. regular home-buyers and home-sellers).  You will bring way more value than an average agent with your experience in investment real estate, your analytics, your construction/renovation knowledge… all backed up by the power of Volition. 
  • Leasing of investment properties for clients.
  • Client Relations: contacting hot leads who have been to our events and offering to be of service, with the goal of turning hot leads/prospects into clients.
  • Exposure to various business areas that Volition is involved in: advisory, construction, real estate development, education, and business development.
  • Support marketing activities including content generation for social media, blogs, videos and participation in client-facing events such as our monthly Meetups.

What Volition Offers You:

Operational Support – We do all the pain-in-the-butt stuff, so you can focus on what you do best: selling!

  • “The Hub”:  Dedicated back-office support. Centralized deal finding, listings filtering, property analysis, pulling comps.  “The Hub” scours MLS and serves up viable listings to you so you can spend your time on clients!
  • Dedicated full-time administrative support: Paperwork, booking showings, coordinating schedules with clients, optimize route mapping for showings, booking it into your and client’s calendars, showing notes and lockbox codes in your calendar, etc.
  • Customized Volition CRM, centralized team resources on Google Share Drive, centralized marketing collateral creation.

Jumpstart your Investor Realtor career:

  • Informal training opportunities via shadowing of client calls, client showings, site visits, mentorship/coaching from Head of Realty as well as other senior team members.
  • Learning the “Volition” realty approach which will help you deal with clients and close more deals
  • 1-on-1s with Sr. Leadership on career and personal aspirations

Investment Real Estate training so that you will be perceived as an Investment Expert to our clients:

  • You will be taught, via dedicated 1-on-1s, shadowing, and osmosis, the Volition Investment Business Model and the Volition way of investing.  Learn fundamentals, risks, tradeoffs, how to find/screen the best investment properties, and much more.
  • Oversight and a second set of eyes from experienced colleagues to build confidence to pitch viable investments to clients
  • Ensure success in your OWN real estate investing  

Tools, Systems, Processes

  • Access to proprietary Volition materials and tools, pro-formas, advisory models, etc.
  • Giving you different & better ways to be more effective in representing clients and helping them invest, evolving the Investment Business Model as the market evolves.
  • Access to Volition materials, prior Meetups/Masterclasses, teachings, Volition’s private Mastermind Whatapp Chat, etc, to ramp up your investment savviness.


  • Teaching you how to convert hot interested leads into clients using processes and scripts (we do ZERO cold calling).  Assisting you in overcoming any pain points you have in working with leads.
  • Some leads will be prospects who will come through Volition’s channels.
  • Some leads you will need to suss out, work hard for, and win their business.

Growth Opportunities:

  • The sky’s the limit.  As a small, nimble, and entrepreneurial firm, we are versatile, adept, and quick to respond to changing market conditions.  If you demonstrate work ethic, competence, and imagination, there is no limit to your growth potential within Volition.
  • Exposure to Advisory since you may do Advisory for clients, and exposure to Construction since many clients need renos or may be looking for legal conversion projects.
  • Cater your role to your interests.  Flexibility to gain experience in Construction Project Management, Investment Advisory/Mentorship/Coaching for clients, Business Development, Strategy, Leasing, Property Management, Marketing.
  • Opportunities to be viewed as an expert with public speaking opportunities using Meetup/Masterclass as the platform.
  • Opportunities to grow different areas of the business.  For example, you think you can make leasing and property management a core area of the business?  Let’s hear it!

What We Are Looking For:

  • Passion.  This is the single thing that trumps all else.  You must be passionate about Volition, real estate, investing, and helping clients achieve their goals.  Working with Volition is more than just a job, it’s a calling.  You will go above and beyond to provide the most compelling client experience.
  • People-Person.  You must enjoy interacting with clients, active listening, being on the phone with new leads/prospects, getting back to clients quickly, preemptively addressing their concerns and questions.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a massive extrovert, it means that you must be attentive and supportive, and treat Volition clients like royalty.
  • Business Acumen.  You must have the ability to see what others can’t, and to think deeply about problems to uncover potential solutions.  Higher-order thinking abilities are a must – Volition clients are high-net worth business owners and senior management who are super savvy, demand a high level of sophistication, and will challenge your proposals.  As long as you have the baseline aptitude, Volition will offer coaching to hone your presentation skills and capabilities.
  • Team Mindset.  You must understand the value of teams and being a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Realtor License.  Either holds a real estate license or enroute to obtaining one within 3-6 months.
  • Experience.  You bring at least one of the following (we can train you for the other one):
    • Real estate investment experience (i.e. you own multiple investment properties already).
    • Realtor / Investor Realtor experience: 1 year

Other Conditions & Requirements & Considerations:

  • Full-time.  Exception only if you are interning with us, with the eventual goal of full-time.
  • 24-month minimum commitment.
  • Your own vehicle and you live in Toronto.
  • Nice-to-have: Prior client-facing experience, Skilled negotiator.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out this Google Form
  2. Send your resume to with the subject line as Application for Investor Realtor – [Your Name]

How To Get The Highest Appraisal Value

Doing just 10% more will make all the difference.

Appraisals are possibly one of the most important aspects of real estate investing, particularly when trying to scale or grow your portfolio using the Volition “Multiplier Effect”.  They don’t happen often, but when they do, It’s critical that you give them the time and due diligence they deserve.  An appraisal can literally make or break your business model.

When are appraisals important?  Obviously, you’ll need an appraisal when you are acquiring a new property.  Most of us who have bought a property have gone through an appraisal, whether or not you were directly involved.  Oftentimes, your mortgage broker or lender will order an appraisal and it will happen seamlessly behind the scenes.  It’s not usually a problem… unless the appraisal comes in light.

But appraisals are key in the refinancing of your property as well.  Once you have equity established in your property (whether through capital appreciation over time, force equity lift through renovations, change of use, creation of value, etc.), one of the most common ways to access that equity is through a refinance.  This can include a complete payout of your existing mortgage, a top-up of your existing mortgage, or placing a HELOC on your property in addition to your existing mortgage.

Generally speaking, the higher the appraisal, the better.  A higher appraisal will allow you to get MORE equity out of your property, which means more cash in hand… cash that is typically used by real estate investors to go buy another property.  Basically, one property turns into two.  Done right, you should be able to accomplish this every 3-4 years.  This is what Volition has coined the “Multiplier Effect”.  And this is how Volition investors have been able to scale their portfolio from 1 to 2, to 4, to 8 or more properties in Toronto.

With this in mind, let’s learn how to get the absolute highest appraised value for your property.

You can approach appraisals in one of two ways: you can take a passive approach like everyone else, or you can take an active approach which is how Volition investors do it.  In the passive approach, you leave it to the fates to determine your value.  In the active approach, you try to influence the appraised value as much as possible.

At Volition, we pride ourselves on finding and working with the absolute best service providers in the industry.  The best mortgage brokers, the best accountant, the best lawyer, etc.  Funny enough… appraisers are the ONE time that we don’t mind working with an incompetent and lazy service provider.  Let me tell you why.

Volition recommends that you put in the extra 10% effort.  That extra 10% effort is what can make all the difference in the world.  Most people don’t put in that effort.  So when you do put in that effort, you can impress the hell out of the appraiser, make their job easier, and make it more likely that they will just go with whatever you have provided them.

What we do is we create an Appraisal Package for the appraiser.  So when the appraiser comes on-site, I hand them a well-developed, well-considered, well-thought through set of documents for them to look at.  This will quickly give the appraiser an idea of the property, an idea of the neighbourhood, sample comparables, and why it’s reasonable for your property to be worth $2.1M (or whatever your target value is).

You have to remember: appraisers appraise properties ALL OVER THE CITY.  It’s impossible for them to be absolute experts for every property they appraise, since they have to do upwards of 8-10 properties A DAY!  You want to quickly establish yourself as an expert and knowledgeable, without being overbearing and/or condescending.  You want to work WITH the appraiser and their ego and not overstep your bounds, but at the same time make their job easy.  Soft communication and interpersonal skills are a must.

One of the most common questions that the Volition team gets in our Exclusive Whatsapp Mastermind Chat is “if I do xyz upgrade (mini-split AC system, marble instead of quartz, etc, etc, etc.), will I get a higher appraisal”.  Our answer is “That’s not how appraisals work”.

The best way to understand this is to actually obtain and STUDY an appraisal report.  You’ll then see EXACTLY how it is that an appraisal works, and then you can reverse engineer and work backward to provide exactly what the appraiser needs. As a Volition client, we will provide you with a sample real-life, redacted appraisal report, so you can learn more about it.

Sample Appraisal Report


Essential Components of an Appraisal Package:

1. Feature Sheet

The feature sheets we create aren’t too much different than the ones we create for listings when we are selling a property!  Your goal here is to highlight the key features of the property.  Appraisers will spend maybe 15-30 mins doing a quick walkthrough of the home, and when making “notes”, they are essentially going through a checklist.  “Overall Condition of Property: Exceptional”.  “# of bedrooms”.  “# of half baths”.  “# of full baths”.  Etc.  They don’t have the time or energy to go through and examine every nitpicky detail.  They generally get “overall” impressions of a property to determine the level of property you have (i.e. is it a recently renovated property, to what quality, completely renovated or partially renovated, any major issues like slanted floors, etc) and then they use that as an input into the next stage of the appraisal process.

2. Comparables

After getting an overall impression of your property, Appraisers will then pull “comps”.  Comps are properties that are comparable in size, quality, and location to the subject property.  No two properties are exactly alike (unless they are in a subdivision with a single developer/builder with a cookie-cutter model, or perhaps condos), especially in downtown Toronto, so they are pulling comps that are as close as possible to your property.  After pulling a number of comps, they then make ADJUSTMENTS based on distance/location, quality of finishes, size, etc.  This is the key component.  You want the appraiser comparing with MORE EXPENSIVE properties and adjusting downwards, rather than LESS EXPENSIVE properties and adjusting upwards.  For example, if your property is in Seaton Village (west of Bathurst), you want the appraiser to be comparing (as much as reasonably possible) to Annex properties (east of Bathurst) rather than Christie Pits (west of Christie).  If an appraiser didn’t know the difference and you managed to get them to compare to Annex, you could very well get $200-300k more in your appraisal!

Also, this is why your feature sheet is important.  You want to be compared against those super-luxury, newly reno’d, expensive triplexes, not the beat-up triplex.  Even if you only spent $200k on your reno, you want to be compared to the $500k reno.  Again, appraisers GENERALLY don’t know the difference.  They only know by the pictures on MLS!

As you can plainly see, their guess is basically as good as ours!  It’s a HIGHLY subjective opinion, and we want to work this into our favour… and so it’s then easy to see why it’s not a bad thing to have a lazy appraiser.  If we do all the work for them, then they might just use it and give us what we want (or something close to it!) 

3. Summary Table

The last part is the summary table.  The summary table is the nice finishing touch that pulls together the entire appraisal package. This is where Volition investors summarize the important features of the property and compare it to other like properties, to try to get the appraiser to think that your subject property is in the same realm as the comps that you have pulled for them.

For example, if your property is a 25ft wide lot, you may wish to show a comparison of lot widths to other 25ft lots. The key takeaway here is that every summary table will look a little bit different.  You want to design your summary table so that it highlights your property in the best possible light.  Let’s say that yours is a true 3-storey and everything else is a 2.5 storey, then maybe this is something you want to include in your summary table.  However, if something that you’re trying to compare against is a little bit better than yours, then maybe you don’t actually include that in the summary table. So let’s say that yours is a 20-foot lot and you’re comparing against 25ft lots, then maybe that’s something you actually intentionally exclude from the summary table.  This is also where you would put your intended estimated value for your subject property – if you’re wanting to get $1.4M, then put $1.4M.  You’re really putting together a business case, and hoping that the appraiser will just say “Okay, yep, this is reasonable, I’ll use this”.

The idea here is to be smart, with the ultimate goal of influencing the appraiser to try to bring them into your line of thinking.  If you do all this work FOR the appraiser, and you supply them with the comps, and you’ve done the background legwork to prove that your property is indeed comparable to those comps, then there is a possibility that they’ll just use those comps (or ones like it).  Every appraiser is supposed to conduct their own independent search.  But the reality is, it takes a long time and it’s a lot of effort to narrow down properties.  If they even simply just use your suggestions as a starting point, it will lead to better outcomes for you. 


So as you can see, this is why we don’t mind having lazy appraisers.  It’s definitely not a guarantee that this will work.  It’s very plausible that some appraisers will just take the entire package and throw it in the garbage.  That has not been the experience for any of our Volition investors’ after having done hundreds and hundreds of appraisals using this methodology.  There is also the chance of offending the appraiser with this approach, which is why we also caution positioning this as “trying to be helpful”, rather than “being annoying and coming across as a know-it-all”.  It’s a delicate balance. 

As a value add to our Volition clients, we coach them through this appraisal process, we provide them with a sample appraisal package that they can then customize for their own needs, and we pull comps for them to assist in them getting the HIGHEST possible appraisal valuation.  Contact us if you’re interested in working with Volition (, and getting the highest appraisal values just like our other Volition investors.

Massive Action: From zero to 90+ units before the age of 30!

Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

You’ve listened to them on podcasts, watched them on YouTube, and seen them featured in Toronto Life; now they’re gracing the Volition stage!! Volition is thrilled to welcome Austin Yeh and Mayu Thava, real estate investing superstars and leaders of RISE Network, as guest speakers!

Like many others, Austin started exploring the world of real estate investing after reading the classic book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. UNLIKE many others, Austin took massive action and has grown his portfolio from 0 to 40 units in just 3 years.

Mayu grew up fascinated by real estate and took quick action after graduating from university. Since then, he’s applied the lessons he’s learned to grow his portfolio to over 50 units.

Impressive, right? (And we haven’t even mentioned their ages yet!).

Austin and Mayu both quit their full-time corporate jobs before the age of 30 and will be revealing their strategic investment strategies. They’ve worked hard to put the right systems, teams, knowledge, and education in place and will be sharing how you can do it too.

You’ll learn:
– How to scale with minimal capital
– How to invest in long-distance real estate
– How to leverage social media to scale your investments
– How real estate helped them quit their full-time jobs

Watch the FULL recording below:


Austin’s Bio:
Austin Yeh is a 26-year-old full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur. Starting off with only $40,000 in cash less than 3 years ago, Austin has managed to scale his portfolio to over 40 rental units with properties in Windsor, Sudbury, and Toronto through using Other People’s Money (OPM) and with his own personal funds. In February 2021, Austin officially retired from his full-time corporate job to work on growing his real estate wholesaling business, called Ontario Property Deals, with his business partner, where they have ambitions to grow revenue to over $1mil in its first year of operation. Furthermore, Austin is the founder of RISE Network, a real estate community with over 5,200 members which serve to help, educate, and inspire all members to use real estate as an asset to achieve wealth and freedom. Austin is also the co-host of RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, a Canadian real estate podcast which educates the everyday investor on how to invest in real estate through interviewing experts.


Mayu’s Bio:
Mayu Thava is a 29-year-old full-time real estate investor, mortgage agent, real estate coach and flipper. Mayu built his real estate portfolio through leveraging unsecured lines of credit, which today has allowed him to create a portfolio of over 50 rental units across Windsor, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake, New Brunswick and the GTA. In May 2021, Mayu left his full-time corporate job to jump into the real estate and financing world full-time. Mayu is actively involved in growing the RISE Network and a co-host of the RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast both of which are focused on educating everyday investors on how to successfully invest in real estate.

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