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Be More Than Just A Realtor.  Level Up And Be An Investor Realtor With Volition Properties.

Position: Investor Realtor
Number of positions: 2

About Volition:  Toronto’s Leading Real Estate Investment Advisory & Realty Firm.  We are Real Estate Investment Experts specializing in Multi-Family, Luxury Multiplex Conversions, Laneway Housing, Condos, and Pre-Construction. We provide all the services Private Real Estate Investors need in order to be successful in Toronto.

Job Description:

  • Help investor clients find that ideal property so that they can take massive action, execute on their investment strategy, and reach their goals.  Clients are NOT tire-kickers, since they pay an Advisory Retainer to work with Volition.
  • Work with end-user clients (i.e. regular home-buyers and home-sellers).  You will bring way more value than an average agent with your experience in investment real estate, your analytics, your construction/renovation knowledge… all backed up by the power of Volition. 
  • Leasing of investment properties for clients.
  • Client Relations: contacting hot leads who have been to our events and offering to be of service, with the goal of turning hot leads/prospects into clients.
  • Exposure to various business areas that Volition is involved in: advisory, construction, real estate development, education, and business development.
  • Support marketing activities including content generation for social media, blogs, videos and participation in client-facing events such as our monthly Meetups.

What Volition Offers You:

Operational Support – We do all the pain-in-the-butt stuff, so you can focus on what you do best: selling!

  • Dedicated full-time administrative support: Paperwork, booking showings, coordinating schedules with clients, optimize route mapping for showings, booking it into your and client’s calendars, showing notes and lockbox codes in your calendar, etc.
  • Customized Volition CRM, centralized team resources on Google Share Drive, centralized marketing collateral creation.

Jumpstart your Investor Realtor career:

  • Informal training opportunities via shadowing of client calls, client showings, site visits, mentorship/coaching from Head of Realty as well as other senior team members.
  • Learning the “Volition” realty approach which will help you deal with clients and close more deals
  • 1-on-1s with Sr. Leadership on career and personal aspirations

Investment Real Estate training so that you will be perceived as an Investment Expert to our clients:

  • You will be taught, via dedicated 1-on-1s, shadowing, and osmosis, the Volition Investment Business Model and the Volition way of investing.  Learn fundamentals, risks, tradeoffs, how to find/screen the best investment properties, and much more.
  • Oversight and a second set of eyes from experienced colleagues to build confidence to pitch viable investments to clients
  • Ensure success in your OWN real estate investing  

Tools, Systems, Processes

  • Access to proprietary Volition materials and tools, pro-formas, advisory models, etc.
  • Giving you different & better ways to be more effective in representing clients and helping them invest, evolving the Investment Business Model as the market evolves.
  • Access to Volition materials, prior Meetups/Masterclasses, teachings, Volition’s private Mastermind Whatapp Chat, etc, to ramp up your investment savviness.


  • Teaching you how to convert hot interested leads into clients using processes and scripts (we do ZERO cold calling).  Assisting you in overcoming any pain points you have in working with leads.
  • Some leads will be prospects who will come through Volition’s channels.
  • Some leads you will need to suss out, work hard for, and win their business.

Growth Opportunities:

  • The sky’s the limit.  As a small, nimble, and entrepreneurial firm, we are versatile, adept, and quick to respond to changing market conditions.  If you demonstrate work ethic, competence, and imagination, there is no limit to your growth potential within Volition.
  • Exposure to Advisory since you may do Advisory for clients, and exposure to Construction since many clients need renos or may be looking for legal conversion projects.
  • Cater your role to your interests.  Flexibility to gain experience in Construction Project Management, Investment Advisory/Mentorship/Coaching for clients, Business Development, Strategy, Leasing, Property Management, Marketing.
  • Opportunities to be viewed as an expert with public speaking opportunities using Meetup/Masterclass as the platform.
  • Opportunities to grow different areas of the business.  For example, you think you can make leasing and property management a core area of the business?  Let’s hear it!

What We Are Looking For:

  • Passion.  This is the single thing that trumps all else.  You must be passionate about Volition, real estate, investing, and helping clients achieve their goals.  Working with Volition is more than just a job, it’s a calling.  You will go above and beyond to provide the most compelling client experience.
  • People-Person.  You must enjoy interacting with clients, active listening, being on the phone with new leads/prospects, getting back to clients quickly, preemptively addressing their concerns and questions.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a massive extrovert, it means that you must be attentive and supportive, and treat Volition clients like royalty.
  • Business Acumen.  You must have the ability to see what others can’t, and to think deeply about problems to uncover potential solutions.  Higher-order thinking abilities are a must – Volition clients are high-net worth business owners and senior management who are super savvy, demand a high level of sophistication, and will challenge your proposals.  As long as you have the baseline aptitude, Volition will offer coaching to hone your presentation skills and capabilities.
  • Team Mindset.  You must understand the value of teams and being a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Realtor License.  Either holds a real estate license or enroute to obtaining one within 3-6 months.
  • Experience.  You bring at least one of the following (we can train you for the other one):
    • Real estate investment experience (i.e. you own multiple investment properties already).
    • Realtor / Investor Realtor experience: 1 year

Other Conditions & Requirements & Considerations:

  • Full-time.  Exception only if you are interning with us, with the eventual goal of full-time.
  • 24-month minimum commitment.
  • Your own vehicle and you live in Toronto.
  • Nice-to-have: Prior client-facing experience, Skilled negotiator.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out this Google Form
  2. Send your resume to info@volitionprop.com with the subject line as Application for Investor Realtor – [Your Name]



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