Duplexes & Triplexes… OUTSIDE Toronto??? 🤔🤔🤔 (feat. Special Guest ERWIN SZETO)

Duplexes & Triplexes… OUTSIDE Toronto??? 🤔🤔🤔

(feat. Special Guest ERWIN SZETO)

Date: May 17, 2023
Now this is a curveball if we’ve ever thrown you one before, isn’t it??

Volition Properties. Talking about real estate investments OUTSIDE TORONTO?? What has this world come to??? I bet you never thought you’d see the day, right??

Here’s the reality. We know that Toronto isn’t for everyone. While we are contrarians in our belief that Toronto is actually a great place to invest (which we’ve taught for over a decade now!), we realize that different investors have different goals, aspirations, goals, and capabilities.


Enter: Erwin Szeto (…My next guest requires no introduction…) 😂

Just kidding!! Many of you will already know Erwin as a titan in the Real Estate Investment and Wealth Building space; but for those who don’t, Erwin has been a bedrock and a beacon of light for investors across Canada. We love Erwin because his ethos mirrors that of our own at Volition… a heavy focus on education, coaching, mentorship, and leveling up everyone around us.

You might know Erwin from Mr. Hamilton, or Rockstar Real Estate, or iWin, or the Wealth Hacker Conferences attended by thousands, headlined by Grant Cardone and Jesse Itzler, or from his podcast “The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians” that is currently ranked as #81 in the WORLD for Business, or as a four-time Award Winning Investor Realtor, or when he won the Michael Millenaar Real Estate Leadership Award twice, etc, etc, etc… (I’m sure I’ve missed over half of his accolades). OR maybe you’re a client of his wife Cherry Chan’s accounting firm (a real estate investor focussed accountant, by the way…!), and together they have a registered charity, the “Hamilton Basket Brigade”, that provides warm winter wear to poor school children.

Speaking of Erwin’s podcast “The Truth About Real Estate Investing…for Canadians”… Volition’s own Ming Lim & Matthew Lee were guests on it not too long ago! Come and watch this episode of “Investing in Multi-Family Downtown Toronto”!

Point is… this is not a Meetup you’re going to want to miss. Erwin will be coming to grace us with his presence and will be doing a deep dive into real estate investment business models that are (like Volition’s) risk mitigated, headache mitigated (he calls it “return on grief”), consistent, resilient, and scalable. And the kicker is… they are located outside Toronto, so they will be at a much more AFFORDABLE price point, which makes it a more ACCESSIBLE alternative to Toronto for the everyday investor.

More specifically, he’ll be discussing areas such as:

  • Who is this investment strategy right for?
  • Where / which markets? Is it just Hamilton… or elsewhere too?
  • What is the investment business model?
  • How much are the properties?
  • How much capital / mortgage qualification is required?
  • Expectations on ROI and cashflow?
  • What is this whole Bill-23 thing everyone is talking about?
  • How this model is similar in ideology and strategy to Volition’s OWN investment business model here in Toronto?

Access the FULL recording and slides below.


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