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Should I Buy Now OR Wait Until 2024? + Mortgage Update with Expert Hugo Dos Reis

Date: September 13, 2023

This meetup is going to be a DOUBLE HEADER featuring Matthew Lee & Ming Lim from Volition answering the single most FAQ the Volition team has been asked in the past few months is: “Should I buy NOW or WAIT until 2024?”… PLUS we’re bringing Expert Mortgage Broker Hugo Dos Reis (Partner at Vine Group) to give us an update on Interest Rates & the Mortgage Industry.


Part 1: Matthew Lee & Ming Lim from Volition Properties

“Should I buy NOW or WAIT until 2024?” We will reframe this question that is on everyone’s mind, cut through the noise, and give you the real story of what’s happening in the market. We’ll dive into topics and recent developments including:

  • Interest Rates & Inflation & Market Psychology
  • Fallout of Sept 6 Bank of Canada Rate announcement and predictions of Fall Real Estate Market trends
  • What is happening to Rents?
  • “OMG I’m cashflow negative on an existing investment property, now what??” Strategies for dealing with negative cashflow.
  • How do I know if this is a good time to BUY my primary residence / investment property?
  • How do I know if this is a good time to SELL my primary residence / investment property?
  • Examples of solid investment opportunities
  • Examples of primary residence opportunities

MORE IMPORTANTLY… We will be talking about WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING AS AN INVESTOR to be successful in the current volatile environment. As with everything we do, Volition doesn’t just read and regurgitate headlines, we will go deep PAST the “research & analysis” that any monkey can do, and actually SYNTHESIZE this into meaningful, actionable strategies and tactics in order to mitigate risk, boost cashflow, and build sustainable wealth.

Toronto has never been an easy market to invest in. Beside Vancouver, it is probably the single most challenging market to invest in in Canada. Volition makes it viable and achievable. We Make Toronto Work!


Part 2: Hugo Dos Reis from Vine Group

Mortgage Updates:

  • BOC announcement and impacts on mortgage markets
  • OSFI changes effective Oct. 31
  • Interest rate forecasts
  • Refinancing laneway suites
  • High net worth programs and how they work
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Recommendation if buying/refinancing today

Remember: “There are only two types of real estate investors out there: ones who HAVE run out of money, and those who WILL run out of money.” Let’s all be the latter!!

Financing is the SINGLE BIGGEST CHALLENGE facing real estate investors.

We strive to solve problems, so we’re bringing in a titan in the industry, Hugo Dos Reis. Hugo is a partner at VINE Group, one of the top mortgage brokerages in Canada. They fund billions (that’s not a typo!) in mortgages every year and have the expertise to handle complex investor and personal portfolios.

With 12+ years of experience in the financial sector and a Bay Street Alumni, Hugo and his team lead investment financing solutions for clients across Canada. Hugo has provided financial planning education presentations to thousands of investors through seminars and workshops, has authored numerous articles, contributed insights to several news outlets and hosted a financial news segment for the multi-unit rental sector.

His signature client-focused approach, value-added advice, and background in financial planning are what have helped Hugo with his success year over year. Hugo’s philosophy is to “take care of your clients, and they will take care of you.”

In his spare time, you can find Hugo at one of Toronto’s many restaurants enjoying all things food and wine with his wife or at one of the local parks burning off some energy with his two young daughters.


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