The holidays are done and the credit cards have been filled just as high as stockings. January is looking tight and KEEPING YOUR JOB is on your mind, let alone early retirement. If this is you don’t beat yourself up – in fact almost *50%* of consumers go into debt to pay for Christmas. THIS WAS ME 18 years ago. Faced with huge student debt, holiday costs and getting laid off during the dotcom crash. Good thing I had started investing in real estate and had a reliable second source of income. Since then, our investments have grown considerably over the years and the Volition Team has now helped invest over $110M in real estate!

What we will be teaching is our systematic method for investing in real estate based on our years of experience! STOP THE CYCLE! Do something in 2019 to achieve financial freedom. Learn to make real estate work for you!

During our session we’ll be answer questions like:

Where do I invest? How to identify the best places to invest. Small towns, big cities?
Is now the right time to invest? How to know if this is the right time to buy an investment property? Should I wait?
How do I buy the right property? Are condos good investments? Should I buy multifamily?
Where do I start with $50k, with $100k, with $300k? With different amount of investment funds, there are different strategies to take.
How does real estate actually make money? If you think it’s about buy low, sell high, you only understand a small part of real estate investing!

Make a change this year. Keep that promise to yourself that you’re going to learn to take control of your finances and make work optional. If you have ever thought about investing in real estate this, you don’t want to miss this session!


Volition Properties

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm that provides advisory and turnkey real estate investment services. Its mandate is to help real estate investors sustainably invest to build wealth in the Toronto real estate market by investing in low-risk, freehold, cash-flowing income properties over longer-term real estate cycles.

[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; free will. Living life by design, not by default.]

Contact us today for any questions about investing in real estate in Toronto! ming@volitionprop.com

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