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As experts in Toronto real estate investing, we implement a systems-like approach to real estate investing for our clients.  This ensures that nothing is overlooked, risks are mitigated, and that the investment model is scalable.


Your End-to-End Trusted Advisor in Real Estate Investing

Our bespoke services ensure that each client’s investment strategy is individually tailored to his/her unique situation. This carefully crafted approach ensures that the investment process is seamless, and that each client is set up for success by being supported every step of the way.


Learn How To Invest & Determine Your Strategy

Our extensive research and analysis of the Toronto real estate market culminates in our educational approach for clients. We have advised, coached, mentored, and taught real estate investing to 650+ investors of all levels - novice, intermediate, advanced. During our Advisory phase, we analyze each individual’s circumstance and provide solutions for the optimal way to reach their real estate investment goals, with a strong emphasis on “teach a man/woman to fish”.


Leverage Our Analysis Of Top Properties

As Investor Realtors, we help our clients find properties that fit the client’s investment strategy identified during the Advisory phase, typically under-valued, under-utilized properties in strong growth areas in Toronto. We pre-screen and pre-analyze all properties through our systematic due diligence to ensure that the financials are sound, and lead the client thru the investment property search process.


Create The Rent-Ready Apartments & Achieve Top Rents

If required, we help clients create value (also known as “Forced Appreciation”) through strategic, targeted tenant-grade renovations. Our interior design and construction management ensure that each apartment is fully optimized and budgets/timelines are strictly adhered to. By putting the entire property to highest-and-best use, the result is increased property value and increased rents.


Manage Your Investment Like A Business

Our systematic approach to leasing mitigates the risk of bad/professional tenants, ultimately reducing risk to your business. Property management allows our clients a hands-off approach while ensuring that their investment is operating in tip-top shape.


"The Volition team are true trusted advisors and have their clients’ best interests at heart. I could not have purchased, renovated, and rented out my first triplex without them. They are passionate about sharing their expertise to help others become sophisticated real estate investors."

Florence L, Executive MBA (Rotman), Sr. Manager at BMO

"Thanks for the reassurance and support. To be honest I would have been a lot more reluctant to pull the trigger on this deal without you and your strong team, and I'm extremely appreciative of that. I feel like I've finally began this journey that I've been wanting to start for a very long time now, and I have you to thank for that."

Arthur N, P. Eng., Systems Engineer at Ontario Power Generation (Feedback via Email)

"The staff at Volition Properties are continuously improving their services to provide personalized real estate investment strategies based on an individual’s financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance, which can only be achieved with strong leadership."

Arthur N, P. Eng., Systems Engineer at Ontario Power Generation (Award Nomination - Part 1/3)

"Volition Properties were instrumental in my entrance into the real estate investing world, and provided me with enough education to confidently enter the Toronto market. With their assistance I was able to view and analyze properties, choose the most suitable property given my personal situation, renovate that property for optimal equity lift and yield, and ultimately end up with a great property with strong cash flow in a high-priced market. Each stage of that acquisition was assisted with the staff their team. This includes real estate agents, mortgage and insurance brokers, designers, contractors, and general contractors. Volition Properties is truly a one-stop shop."

Arthur N, P. Eng., Systems Engineer at Ontario Power Generation (Award Nomination - Part 2/3)

"A leader is someone that people are willing follow voluntarily, and after my experience using Volition Properties to buy my first ever real estate investment property, I can confidently say that I will use their services again in the future and urge others to do the same."

Arthur N, P. Eng., Systems Engineer at Ontario Power Generation (Award Nomination - Part 3/3)

"I've known Matthew of Volition Properties for many years since I met him at a REIN meeting in the past. I attended his meetup many times. He provides others with the valuable information regarding real estate investment along with the current market research and economic fundamentals. He and his team have real hands-on experiences and they know what they're doing. They educate other like-minded investors and help them to succeed through all the journey from A to Z(from planning, finding a property to property management and exit strategy). 'Volition Properties' is one of the best companion of investors who knows investing in real estate especially in Toronto."

Hwi K., Sales Representative at Living Realty

"Matthew Lee is a superstar.  He's one of the big ones… he is a force of nature to watch.  I've had the chance to work with him a few times, and his tenacity is pretty indicative of the guy he is.  He just goes out of his way to do good things for people; he's a mover and a shaker.  Excited for things he is going to do."

Calum Ross, Canadian Mortgage Broker of the Year 2014, Former Head of Finance (REIN)

"I had calculated the numbers required for a cash flowing income property in Toronto but I was having trouble finding a property to purchase. Volition Investment Properties helped me find and operationalize my first income property in Toronto."

Dainius R., Senior Software Engineer

"The Volition team are knowledgeable, experienced and genuinely want to assist you in reaching your real estate goals; they are definitely a cut above any other real estate agent I have ever worked with."

Chris L., HR Consultant
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