This is an ADVANCED-LEVEL MORTGAGE PLANNING session. This doesn’t mean you have to be at an advanced-level and/or expert in order for this to be applicable to you, this just means that the LEVEL OF SOPHISTICATION that we will be bringing is top-notch.

Financing is the SINGLE BIGGEST CHALLENGE facing real estate investors. There are only two types of real estate investors out there: ones who HAVE run out of money, and those who WILL run out of money. It’s no wonder when we polled our members, a session on mortgage planning was their #1 pick.

We strive to solve problems, so we’re bringing in a titan in the industry, David Goncalves to analyze your financing in REAL TIME. David Goncalves (award-winning Mortgage Broker who specializes in real estate investors) has funded over $1.5 BILLION in mortgages. David is MASTER at finding untapped opportunities within your real estate portfolio. Imagine being able to capitalize on higher returns and reach financial freedom even faster thru restructuring your real estate portfolio and mortgage portfolio?! David can make this a reality for you. David usually packs full auditoriums of people when he speaks at events across the country, so COME AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!


GIVE US YOUR PROBLEMS!! If you’re a first time buyer, we want you; if you have a bunch of properties, we want you too; heck if you’ve got multiple corporations, self-employed, have to consider estate planning, give us your toughest scenario, we want you too!

This won’t be one of those sessions where there are a bunch of “ifs” “maybes” “I need to see documents”, FOR THOSE WHO VOLUNTEER AHEAD OF THE SESSION, we will ensure that we get all the right documentation and numbers ahead of time, so that you’re essentially getting a custom planning session from David! THIS IS A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS, so please reach out ASAP!

You can access the Meetup slides and the Meetup video here 


Volition Properties

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm that provides advisory and turnkey real estate investment services. Its mandate is to help real estate investors sustainably invest to build wealth in the Toronto real estate market by investing in low-risk, freehold, cash-flowing income properties over longer-term real estate cycles.

[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; free will. Living life by design, not by default.]

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