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This will be a little bit different than our typical Investor Focussed Meetup. Definitely, we will be bringing our Investor Realtor lens and deep insights, but we will be focussing on a different pain point…

“Good Job, Good Income, Still Can’t Buy Your Primary Residence? Strategies To Home Ownership In An Expensive Market!” (yes, we are talking about the GTA!)

In fact, we touch on some of this in the article that wrote about Volition entitled: “Expert Tips That Will Help You Become a Homeowner Before 40”. But in this Meetup, we are going to go much much deeper into actionable strategies & tactics that you can employ… and more importantly, HOW to do it.

Far too often, we hear that aspiring home owners feel that they can’t afford to buy a home in Toronto, or North York, or Richmond Hill, or Markham, or Sauga, or wherever they wish they could live. The odds are simply stacked against them – even if they have enough for a downpayment, they can’t afford the monthly carrying costs! Instead, they move out to Hamilton, Windsor, St. Catherines, purely because of affordability.

We are venturing out to change mindsets. Definitely, GTA is more expensive than outside GTA – there is no question – and yes, not everyone can realistically afford a home in the GTA. That said, we will offer a different perspective on how to “afford” a home in the GTA, and offer practical solutions and strategies on how to “make GTA work”.

Sure, it’s not easy. Sure, it might take a bit more work. Sure, it still won’t mean that you’ll find your “dream home” for less than $1M (or $1.X M, actually!). But for those who are resourceful, purposeful, and willing to do what it takes, Volition’s Advisory & Realty services may be able to help turn that dream of home ownership in the GTA into reality.

And yes… all of our Investor Realtor expertise and insights are relevant here. Tenant profiles, rents, renovations, real estate development, gentrification, transit, infrastructure improvements, etc. Bringing an investor mindset allows you to think differently about your Primary Residence, and gives you the ability to turn your biggest liability (yes, your Primary Residence is a liability… it’s actually a luxury!) into your biggest asset. And in thinking about it in these terms, it could help you actually “afford” you buying and living in the GTA.

Who is this for:

a) If you are a FAMILY buying a Primary Residence:
—–> 20%+ downpayment available
—–> Mortgage qualification is too low
—–> Can’t afford monthly carry costs

b) If you are an INDIVIDUAL and think a condo is your only option:
—–> Salary each of $80k-100k+
—–> Cash each for Downpayment & Closing of $125-150k
—–> Have 1-2 friends in a similar situation or a willingness to work with other people in a similar situation

c) If you are a COUPLE and think a condo is your only option:
—–> Salary each of $80k-100k+
—–> Cash each for Downpayment & Closing of $125-150k
—–> Have another couple in a similar situation or a willingness to work with another couple in a similar situation

Some of the topics we’ll touch on:
– Boosting mortgage qualification
– Reducing carrying costs
– Strategic Financing
– Case Studies
– Where this works
– Why this works
– What is required
– Who this is for
– How Volition’s models have LOWER cash requirements, LOWER mortgage qualification requirements, and HIGHER Equity Growth & ROI
– How Volition Advisory & Realty can help

(Sneak preview keyword: “Primary Residence Plus”!)


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The single most FAQ the Volition team has been asked in the past few months is: “Does Investing in Toronto Real Estate Still Make Sense Today?“.

We will reframe this question that is on everyone’s mind, and dive into topics and recent developments including:

  • Rising Interest Rates
  • Inflation
  • War in Ukraine and global uncertainty
  • Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) increase
  • Open Bidding Process
  • Rising Prices
  • What is happening to Rents?
  • Proposals for City of Toronto changes to the development process to build triplexes/4plexes (and up to 4 storeys)
  • Garden Suites legislation
  • Restrictions on using HELOC for downpayments
  • “Flipping Tax” vs. Principal Residence
  • Is this a good time to buy a primary residence / investment property?
  • Is this a good time to sell my primary residence / investment property?

MORE IMPORTANTLY… We will be talking about WHAT YOU DO AS AN INVESTOR to be successful in the current volatile environment. As with everything we do, Volition doesn’t just read and regurgitate headlines, we will go deep PAST the “research & analysis” that any monkey can do, and actually SYNTHESIZE this into meaningful, actionable strategies and tactics in order to mitigate risk, boost cashflow, and build sustainable wealth.

Toronto has never been an easy market to invest in. Beside Vancouver, it is probably the single most challenging market to invest in in Canada. Volition makes it viable and achievable. We Make Toronto Work! (in fact, HGTV recent tapped us for our thoughts too :))

Indeed… “may we live in interesting times…”


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Don’t miss this rare chance to see inside of our current projects!

We typically can’t bring the public onto a live construction site, but in March, technology will break that barrier! We’ll be sharing tours from properties that are at different phases of completion, walking through the plans and financials and opening the floor to your questions.

Our street smart tours in the past have had a fantastic reception. You’ll learn first-hand what we look for when analyzing and evaluating a potential investment property so you’ll have that extra advantage as you make your future strategic investments! You’ll also learn about the high-level construction process and how we turn an average home into an investment goldmine.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The business model and why it makes sense
  • High-level financials including capital required, ARV, rents, cashflow, and ROI (Hint: It requires deep pockets, but it’s well worth it!)
  • What we look for in a property and the key physical aspects that make a property a good candidate

We will be touring the following properties:

  1. A duplex nearing completion and laneway suite kicking off in the Danforth area
  2. A fourplex that is just beginning in Little Italy


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“Financing Blueprint” – Strategies to Start & Continue Buying Properties!

Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom
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Financing is the SINGLE BIGGEST CHALLENGE facing real estate investors.

We strive to solve problems, so we’re bringing in a titan in the industry, Hugo Dos Reis. Hugo is a partner at VINE Group, one of the top mortgage brokerages in Canada. They fund billions (that’s not a typo!) in mortgages every year and have the expertise to handle complex investor and personal portfolios.

Following on the heels of our January Meetup where we covered where and when to invest, financing is the next step in the journey to start real estate investing! For novice real estate investors looking to take action, Hugo will cover strategies to get started with financing and buying your first rental. This will include mortgage lending 101, understanding the DNA of a mortgage application and the general rules and players involved.

For the sophisticated investors, he’ll review the blueprint approach to growing a real estate portfolio. Hugo is a master at finding untapped opportunities within your real estate portfolio. Imagine being able to capitalize on higher returns and reach financial freedom even faster through restructuring your real estate and mortgage portfolio!

Finally, he’ll cover the topic on everyone’s mind as we move into 2022 – interest rates. Hugo will address Fixed vs Variable interest rates, and how they impact you as an investor.

Remember: “There are only two types of real estate investors out there: ones who HAVE run out of money, and those who WILL run out of money.” Let’s all be the latter!!


About Hugo Dos Reis:

With 12+ years of experience in the financial sector, Hugo has provided financial planning education presentations to thousands of investors through seminars and workshops, has authored numerous articles, contributed insights to several news outlets and hosted a financial news segment for the multi-unit rental sector. Hugo started on Bay Street with Scotiabank as a “Best of the Best” recipient and then BMO before making the move to the mortgage broker side 7 years ago as a founding partner of Vine Group and the driving force behind the marketing and branding for the company. With over $130MM in annual mortgage volume and one of the top brokers in Canada, he continues as an active agent with a pulse on the industry to really understand how to make an impact for both clients and all stakeholders.


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Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom

Join our Mastermind Meetup for monthly real estate investing events!

The holidays are done and the credit cards have been filled just as high as stockings. January is looking tight and keeping your job is on your mind, let alone early retirement.

This time of year, we get approached by a lot of novice investors who want to take control of their financial futures. So, what better way to kick off 2022 than by reviewing our systematic method for investing in real estate based on our years of experience. STOP THE CYCLE! Do something in 2022 to achieve financial freedom. Learn to make real estate work for you.

This is the ideal event for those looking to start investing or those with 1-2 properties. For those who are more experienced, having a strong understanding of the fundamentals will sharpen your skills as an investor, plus you’re always welcome to share your knowledge!

During our session we’ll cover questions like:
– Where should you invest?
– Is now the right time to invest?
– Should you buy a condo or a multi-family?
– What are the ways in which real estate actually makes money?
– How can “house-hacking” or buying a house with a basement suite help you get started?

Make a change this year. Keep that promise to yourself that you’re going to learn to take control of your finances.

Since 2012, Volition has helped hundreds of investors build over $100M of wealth and have changed countless financial futures along the way. If you have ever thought about investing in real estate, you don’t want to miss this session!

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Tap into a $1.8 Trillion Source of Funds to Do Your Deals – No Banks, No JVs!

Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom
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There is $1.8 trillion in untapped funds that could be used to fund your next deal.

It’s NOT JVs… (you get to keep 100% of the profit)

It’s NOT alternative institutional lenders… (there are no broker fees)

It’s registered funds!!! RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, LIRAs – you’ll learn how to tap into these funds!

Join Volition Properties as we welcome back, by popular demand, Denise and Stuart MacPherson. Denise and Stuart are recognized as experts at using registered funds to grow real estate portfolios and are going to provide you with another tool to add to your toolbelt.

In order to access this untapped source of funds, you need to understand:

1. How it works
2. How to show people that they can get a better return investing in your real estate deal than simplifying leaving their registered funds in the ups and downs of mutual funds and the stock market
3. That you can use it to fund whichever business model you use (BRRR, flips, development etc)

Denise and Stuart have been using RRSP mortgages for 12 years to fund all of their real estate ventures including rent-to-owns, buy and holds, flips, multi-families and developments. Now, they’re sharing what they’ve learned so you can be in control of your own mortgage!

About Denise and Stuart MacPherson:

Denise and Stuart MacPherson are award-winning real estate investors and dynamic entrepreneurs living in the Ottawa area. Drawing from their successful careers in the public and private sectors, Denise and Stuart began investing in real estate in 2010. They are active members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and have both served on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO). They are each certified as Real Estate Investment Advisors and Financial Life Professionals and regularly provide coaching and advice to investors across Canada. They have great experience in a variety of strategies and are now deeply involved in development opportunities, turning income properties to their highest and best use through redevelopment and construction. They have developed expertise in leveraging unconventional financing options and teach others how to use these innovative strategies. They routinely host a series of group support and networking events for new and experienced real estate investors.

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Laneway Suites are taking over the Toronto RE Market!

With special guest speaker Tony Cunha from Lanescape

Date: Wednesday, October 20
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom

HGTV said THIS housing trend was taking over the Toronto real estate market right now – or was it us??

Laneway suites have revolutionized cities like Vancouver and now they’re making waves in Toronto. The ability to build a laneway suite on a residential lot offers tremendous flexibility including rentals, work from home/flex spaces, and intergenerational living. It is an incredible opportunity for Volition investors to solve the problem of limited cashflow in Toronto due to the city’s expensive housing prices.

Volition is thrilled to welcome Lanescape, the leading authorities on laneway suite design and development in Toronto. Tony Cunha from Lanescape will be sharing with you:

– Typical use cases
– Garden suites update
– What to look for in an ideal lot
– Case study on the intake and design process
– Challenges and opportunities
– How to work with Lanescape and your next steps to get started

Savy Volition investors are already starting to take advantage of laneway opportunities. Learn how to invest strategically and plan for this massive change to the Toronto housing landscape (or should we say Lanescape…)!

About Tony Cunha

Drawing from over ten years experience in architectural design and construction, Tony imparts his diverse skill-set on all facets of Lanescape, overseeing daily operations. Tony’s passion for laneway development began with his award-winning research on high-performance affordable housing as a graduate student at Ryerson University. His professional experience centers on the design and construction of unique residential solutions with a passion for navigating the challenges and opportunities of creative urban infill development.

Can’t wait for the Meetup? Check out “10 Things You Should Know About Building Your Own Laneway Suite“.

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Become a Money Magnet – Learn How To Raise Capital with JV Master Dave Dubeau

People aren’t investing in deals… they are investing in you.

Date: Wednesday, September 15
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom

“There is more money chasing good deals than good deals chasing money.” There is truth to this old adage… but this statement is an incomplete perspective.

Remember: people aren’t investing in deals… they are investing in you.

As a result, before you are able to attract this kind of capital, you need to invest in evolving yourself into the type of person that people will invest in.

Dave Dubeau literally wrote the book on How to Raise Capital (and shows you how to do it without being pushy or salesy). No one wants to be the slimeball who is constantly pitching their “latest and greatest deal” at family backyard BBQs.

It’s time to turn the tables and have investors approach YOU!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– Best practices for attracting potential investors
– A simple, proven five-step plan to have prospective money-partners calling you
– Where the best investor prospects hangout (and how to get in front of them)

It’s no secret that Toronto is an expensive market. While Volition is able to teach you how to invest in Toronto and even help you find the best deals in Toronto, eventually every single Toronto investor will run out of money. This Meetup is your opportunity to learn how to raise capital so that you’ll always have a pool of Joint Venture partners to draw upon and never be chasing money for your next deal ever again!

About Dave Dubeau:
Dave Dubeau is the creator of the Money Partner Formula, and he works with mom ‘n pop real estate investors and helps them to get started with raising capital. He’s a best-selling author and speaker based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months and nowadays he invests passively in multi-family properties.

Get a complimentary copy of his newest book, Money Partner Formula at:

Watch the full recording and access Volition’s slides below!

IN-PERSON Real Estate Investing AMA with the Volition Team – Ask Me Anything!

NEW Date: Monday, August 30
Time: 6:00 -8:00 pm
Place: Withrow Park
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Your most pressing questions about real estate investing in Toronto – ANSWERED LIVE AND IN-PERSON!

Yes, you read that right. We know we’re not the only ones tired of talking to blank screens and desperately craving facetime with the community. In line with public health guidelines, we’ll be hosting this Meetup at Withrow Park!

Record-breaking prices, falling rents, strict stress tests, “the exodus from the city”, possible rising interest rates, impacts of Covid, Laneway Suites, is it worth it to do this reno or that, do I need to change how I invest in Toronto, how do you do a legal triplex conversion… These questions that keep you up at night are the very same concerns that we aim to address during our much-anticipated AMA!

We get it. Not knowing how to get started or how to take your investing to the next level during these times is tough. But you’re not alone, Volition is here to guide you.

The Volition team currently has personal holdings of $32MM+ and 55+ units. We also run the largest and most active Real Estate Investor Meetup in Toronto with 3,000+ investors. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of investors build over $100M of wealth and have changed countless financial futures along the way.

On August 30th, we’re offering an opportunity to have your burning questions answered by the Volition team in a live “Ask Me Anything” session – no topic is off the table!

We welcome (and encourage!) you to submit your questions to us at beforehand, then join us live to engage in the conversation.

Your questions + our Real Estate Investing Advisors = the most valuable 2 hours you’ll spend all week.


The Panel:

Matthew Lee – A real estate thought leader and advocate, Matt is passionate about the transformative change that real estate investing offers when done correctly. Having learned hard lessons from previously “chasing the shiny object” when investing in small towns, he has now created the Volition investing business model (an investment business model that actually works in the Toronto market) predicated on risk-mitigation, scalability, and resiliency, which he has taught to thousands of aspiring investors.

Ming Lim – Ming is a passionate educator and has 20 years of real estate investment experience in Toronto, the GTA, and Southwest Ontario. He purchased his first investment property in 2001 and has been hooked ever since! Ming has a dual role at Volition Properties as both the Head of Advisory and Construction. He mentors and guides new and experienced investors who are interested in purchasing and developing in the Toronto market. Ming’s background in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and construction experience give him a unique analytical lens on investing, and a practical approach to implementing investing strategies.


The logistics:

To help ensure everyone gets the most out of the event while staying safe, please read the entire post before attending.

Location: Withrow Park

What to bring: Something to sit on, personal snacks or drinks, your questions!

Food and snacks: Please leave no trace and dispose of all your waste at home.

Masks: As per public health guidelines, masks or face coverings are strongly recommended in all outdoor spaces when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Weather: If rain is forecasted, we’ll reschedule to a later date. This will be communicated to registrants the morning of the scheduled date.

RSVP for free!


Volition Properties

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm. We provide real estate education, help clients buy investment properties, renovate and build income properties, and have sophisticated property management. We have helped clients invest over $228MM in real estate in the Toronto area – we can guide you too!

Massive Action: From zero to 90+ units before the age of 30!

Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

You’ve listened to them on podcasts, watched them on YouTube, and seen them featured in Toronto Life; now they’re gracing the Volition stage!! Volition is thrilled to welcome Austin Yeh and Mayu Thava, real estate investing superstars and leaders of RISE Network, as guest speakers!

Like many others, Austin started exploring the world of real estate investing after reading the classic book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. UNLIKE many others, Austin took massive action and has grown his portfolio from 0 to 40 units in just 3 years.

Mayu grew up fascinated by real estate and took quick action after graduating from university. Since then, he’s applied the lessons he’s learned to grow his portfolio to over 50 units.

Impressive, right? (And we haven’t even mentioned their ages yet!).

Austin and Mayu both quit their full-time corporate jobs before the age of 30 and will be revealing their strategic investment strategies. They’ve worked hard to put the right systems, teams, knowledge, and education in place and will be sharing how you can do it too.

You’ll learn:
– How to scale with minimal capital
– How to invest in long-distance real estate
– How to leverage social media to scale your investments
– How real estate helped them quit their full-time jobs

Watch the FULL recording below:


Austin’s Bio:
Austin Yeh is a 26-year-old full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur. Starting off with only $40,000 in cash less than 3 years ago, Austin has managed to scale his portfolio to over 40 rental units with properties in Windsor, Sudbury, and Toronto through using Other People’s Money (OPM) and with his own personal funds. In February 2021, Austin officially retired from his full-time corporate job to work on growing his real estate wholesaling business, called Ontario Property Deals, with his business partner, where they have ambitions to grow revenue to over $1mil in its first year of operation. Furthermore, Austin is the founder of RISE Network, a real estate community with over 5,200 members which serve to help, educate, and inspire all members to use real estate as an asset to achieve wealth and freedom. Austin is also the co-host of RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, a Canadian real estate podcast which educates the everyday investor on how to invest in real estate through interviewing experts.


Mayu’s Bio:
Mayu Thava is a 29-year-old full-time real estate investor, mortgage agent, real estate coach and flipper. Mayu built his real estate portfolio through leveraging unsecured lines of credit, which today has allowed him to create a portfolio of over 50 rental units across Windsor, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake, New Brunswick and the GTA. In May 2021, Mayu left his full-time corporate job to jump into the real estate and financing world full-time. Mayu is actively involved in growing the RISE Network and a co-host of the RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast both of which are focused on educating everyday investors on how to successfully invest in real estate.

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