For years, the Volition team has heard from casual investors that “Toronto doesn’t work, it’s too expensive, it doesn’t cashflow”. If you do what everyone else does, then you’ll only get the same results as everyone else. At Volition, we’re not interested in being like everyone else. We want to be better. We want to do better. We want to achieve more. At Volition, WE MAKE TORONTO WORK.

This is the impetus for wanting to share with you the natural evolution of our well-established triplex business model, Legal Luxury Fourplexes. These are an extremely desirable asset class, attract top-quality tenants, and achieve sky-high rents in AAA+ neighbourhoods.

We know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. These types of properties are expensive and don’t work in Toronto… UNLESS you create them yourself!

The numbers are big, the cash required is big, but the ROI is even bigger.

At our full-day Quickstart Investment Seminar back in February 2020 ( with over 200 engaged investors, we broke down various business models including small town investing, resale condos, pre-construction condos, triplexes and outlined the pros and cons of them.

You’ve heard us talk about fourplexes at a high level, now it’s time to dig into the nitty-gritty:
• How do you execute on a legal, luxury, fourplex?
• How much money does it take?
• What do the numbers look like?
• What are the steps you need to take?
• Who do you need on your team?
• How long does it take?
• What is the business model?

For those who are interested in this investment model, but don’t have the necessary cash (i.e. if you reached into your couch cushions you wouldn’t find $1.X MM laying around), mortgage qualification, or time and energy to do it on your own, Volition has an alternative solution for you.  Get in touch to hear all about it –


Access the slides and full recording below!


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