For this coffeehouse chat, we touch on:

1. How to compare a real estate investment to other asset classes (like Mutual Funds, RRSPs, GICS, bonds, etc.
2. Secondary suites. Zoning & fire compliance, etc.
3. Short term rentals. Rental strategy viz a viz wanting to move back in to use as Primary Residence.
4. Going “green” to reduce hydro bills.
5. Should I legalize my triplex?
6. How to analyze preconstruction condo’s cashflow analysis?

You can access the web chat video here 

It’s that time of the month – the FREE Monthly Online “Real Estate Investing Coffeehouse” Web Chat! Based on feedback from our clients and investors, you want MORE! More networking, more Q&A time, more learning, more community, more like-minded people, more engagement… And that a Meetup once a month wasn’t enough! Volition’s mandate has always been to remove obstacles and roadblocks… and now the REI Coffeehouse will solve this problem!


Why did we call this a “Coffeehouse Chat”? Because the format is simple. No format. No presentation. No script. Just an informal 1hr online web conference chat that you can log into from your computer during your lunch hour … not too much different than if you were meeting a friend for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop. Just real people with real problems, and maybe the occasional guest speaker. Send in your questions beforehand, and then we’ll chat about them and answer your questions with everyone else on the line… others may even jump in with their own input or experiences. Even if you don’t have a specific question, join the web chat anyway because you can join from your computer!! (and it’s FREE!!)


The REI Coffeehouse will be using, so have your laptop’s webcam and microphone on to join the web chat. And we’ll be screen recording it and posting each REI Coffeehouse Chat on our website, along with our Monthly Meetup content.

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