34 joined our first ever REI Coffeehouse Webchat!!  About 20 stayed for the entire time, and 11 stuck around at the end to fill out a poll.  Pretty positive response… Most people rated it between 8-10 (out of 10)!!  And 10 out of 11 people said that they would join again.  I myself thought it was kinda boring, but maybe that was because I was staring into a blank sea of black screens (most people kept their webcams off) and so it kinda felt like I was talking to myself!!

Topics covered:

  • AirBnb (and possible tax implications)
  • Executive Fully-Furnished rentals
  • Condo Assignments
  • HELOCs
  • “Flipping to yourself” as a strategy
  • Including/excluding utilities in rents
  • Property Management



You can access the web chat video here 



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