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This will be a little bit different than our typical Investor Focussed Meetup. Definitely, we will be bringing our Investor Realtor lens and deep insights, but we will be focussing on a different pain point…

“Good Job, Good Income, Still Can’t Buy Your Primary Residence? Strategies To Home Ownership In An Expensive Market!” (yes, we are talking about the GTA!)

In fact, we touch on some of this in the article that HGTV.ca wrote about Volition entitled: “Expert Tips That Will Help You Become a Homeowner Before 40”. But in this Meetup, we are going to go much much deeper into actionable strategies & tactics that you can employ… and more importantly, HOW to do it.

Far too often, we hear that aspiring home owners feel that they can’t afford to buy a home in Toronto, or North York, or Richmond Hill, or Markham, or Sauga, or wherever they wish they could live. The odds are simply stacked against them – even if they have enough for a downpayment, they can’t afford the monthly carrying costs! Instead, they move out to Hamilton, Windsor, St. Catherines, purely because of affordability.

We are venturing out to change mindsets. Definitely, GTA is more expensive than outside GTA – there is no question – and yes, not everyone can realistically afford a home in the GTA. That said, we will offer a different perspective on how to “afford” a home in the GTA, and offer practical solutions and strategies on how to “make GTA work”.

Sure, it’s not easy. Sure, it might take a bit more work. Sure, it still won’t mean that you’ll find your “dream home” for less than $1M (or $1.X M, actually!). But for those who are resourceful, purposeful, and willing to do what it takes, Volition’s Advisory & Realty services may be able to help turn that dream of home ownership in the GTA into reality.

And yes… all of our Investor Realtor expertise and insights are relevant here. Tenant profiles, rents, renovations, real estate development, gentrification, transit, infrastructure improvements, etc. Bringing an investor mindset allows you to think differently about your Primary Residence, and gives you the ability to turn your biggest liability (yes, your Primary Residence is a liability… it’s actually a luxury!) into your biggest asset. And in thinking about it in these terms, it could help you actually “afford” you buying and living in the GTA.

Who is this for:

a) If you are a FAMILY buying a Primary Residence:
—–> 20%+ downpayment available
—–> Mortgage qualification is too low
—–> Can’t afford monthly carry costs

b) If you are an INDIVIDUAL and think a condo is your only option:
—–> Salary each of $80k-100k+
—–> Cash each for Downpayment & Closing of $125-150k
—–> Have 1-2 friends in a similar situation or a willingness to work with other people in a similar situation

c) If you are a COUPLE and think a condo is your only option:
—–> Salary each of $80k-100k+
—–> Cash each for Downpayment & Closing of $125-150k
—–> Have another couple in a similar situation or a willingness to work with another couple in a similar situation

Some of the topics we’ll touch on:
– Boosting mortgage qualification
– Reducing carrying costs
– Strategic Financing
– Case Studies
– Where this works
– Why this works
– What is required
– Who this is for
– How Volition’s models have LOWER cash requirements, LOWER mortgage qualification requirements, and HIGHER Equity Growth & ROI
– How Volition Advisory & Realty can help

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