COVID-19 presents a number of challenges and an air of uncertainty for those of us in the real estate investment sector. During these tense times, it takes a different approach to find investors and source capital
for our ventures.

Some people say: “just find a good deal and the money will find you.”
Does that ring a bell? We’ve all heard it.

Unfortunately, it’s NOT that simple. Especially right now…with such HUGE stock market volatility that have affected so many people (and their retirement savings). In reality, you need to have a bunch of investors who are already in the wings, ready to roll… and THEN find a good deal. …THEN it will work.

So how do you reach out to these investors when you have a good deal? How do you get them to pay attention during all of this COVID Pandemic stuff?

Our guest speaker this month, Dave Dubeau, firmly believes that RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to develop a strong bench of partners and investors who are looking for a good deal.

That way, when that golden opportunity comes around, you can pounce on it immediately…Because you KNOW you have their support and financial backing.

And out of this crisis there WILL be a lot of golden opportunities that will be coming up. The question is, will you be ready and able to take advantage of them? That’s why we’re hosting a special LIVE online presentation all about finding investment partners and sourcing capital in uncertain times with Dave Dubeau (Investor, Author, Trainer,
Investor and Capital Attraction Specialist).

You can access the presentation slides and video here



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