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IN-PERSON Real Estate Investing AMA with the Volition Team – Ask Me Anything!

NEW Date: Monday, August 30
Time: 6:00 -8:00 pm
Place: Withrow Park
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Your most pressing questions about real estate investing in Toronto – ANSWERED LIVE AND IN-PERSON!

Yes, you read that right. We know we’re not the only ones tired of talking to blank screens and desperately craving facetime with the community. In line with public health guidelines, we’ll be hosting this Meetup at Withrow Park!

Record-breaking prices, falling rents, strict stress tests, “the exodus from the city”, possible rising interest rates, impacts of Covid, Laneway Suites, is it worth it to do this reno or that, do I need to change how I invest in Toronto, how do you do a legal triplex conversion… These questions that keep you up at night are the very same concerns that we aim to address during our much-anticipated AMA!

We get it. Not knowing how to get started or how to take your investing to the next level during these times is tough. But you’re not alone, Volition is here to guide you.

The Volition team currently has personal holdings of $32MM+ and 55+ units. We also run the largest and most active Real Estate Investor Meetup in Toronto with 3,000+ investors. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of investors build over $100M of wealth and have changed countless financial futures along the way.

On August 30th, we’re offering an opportunity to have your burning questions answered by the Volition team in a live “Ask Me Anything” session – no topic is off the table!

We welcome (and encourage!) you to submit your questions to us at info@volitionprop.com beforehand, then join us live to engage in the conversation.

Your questions + our Real Estate Investing Advisors = the most valuable 2 hours you’ll spend all week.


The Panel:

Matthew Lee – A real estate thought leader and advocate, Matt is passionate about the transformative change that real estate investing offers when done correctly. Having learned hard lessons from previously “chasing the shiny object” when investing in small towns, he has now created the Volition investing business model (an investment business model that actually works in the Toronto market) predicated on risk-mitigation, scalability, and resiliency, which he has taught to thousands of aspiring investors.

Ming Lim – Ming is a passionate educator and has 20 years of real estate investment experience in Toronto, the GTA, and Southwest Ontario. He purchased his first investment property in 2001 and has been hooked ever since! Ming has a dual role at Volition Properties as both the Head of Advisory and Construction. He mentors and guides new and experienced investors who are interested in purchasing and developing in the Toronto market. Ming’s background in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and construction experience give him a unique analytical lens on investing, and a practical approach to implementing investing strategies.


The logistics:

To help ensure everyone gets the most out of the event while staying safe, please read the entire post before attending.

Location: Withrow Park

What to bring: Something to sit on, personal snacks or drinks, your questions!

Food and snacks: Please leave no trace and dispose of all your waste at home.

Masks: As per public health guidelines, masks or face coverings are strongly recommended in all outdoor spaces when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Weather: If rain is forecasted, we’ll reschedule to a later date. This will be communicated to registrants the morning of the scheduled date.

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Volition Properties

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm. We provide real estate education, help clients buy investment properties, renovate and build income properties, and have sophisticated property management. We have helped clients invest over $228MM in real estate in the Toronto area – we can guide you too!

Massive Action: From zero to 90+ units before the age of 30!

Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

You’ve listened to them on podcasts, watched them on YouTube, and seen them featured in Toronto Life; now they’re gracing the Volition stage!! Volition is thrilled to welcome Austin Yeh and Mayu Thava, real estate investing superstars and leaders of RISE Network, as guest speakers!

Like many others, Austin started exploring the world of real estate investing after reading the classic book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. UNLIKE many others, Austin took massive action and has grown his portfolio from 0 to 40 units in just 3 years.

Mayu grew up fascinated by real estate and took quick action after graduating from university. Since then, he’s applied the lessons he’s learned to grow his portfolio to over 50 units.

Impressive, right? (And we haven’t even mentioned their ages yet!).

Austin and Mayu both quit their full-time corporate jobs before the age of 30 and will be revealing their strategic investment strategies. They’ve worked hard to put the right systems, teams, knowledge, and education in place and will be sharing how you can do it too.

You’ll learn:
– How to scale with minimal capital
– How to invest in long-distance real estate
– How to leverage social media to scale your investments
– How real estate helped them quit their full-time jobs

Watch the FULL recording below:


Austin’s Bio:
Austin Yeh is a 26-year-old full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur. Starting off with only $40,000 in cash less than 3 years ago, Austin has managed to scale his portfolio to over 40 rental units with properties in Windsor, Sudbury, and Toronto through using Other People’s Money (OPM) and with his own personal funds. In February 2021, Austin officially retired from his full-time corporate job to work on growing his real estate wholesaling business, called Ontario Property Deals, with his business partner, where they have ambitions to grow revenue to over $1mil in its first year of operation. Furthermore, Austin is the founder of RISE Network, a real estate community with over 5,200 members which serve to help, educate, and inspire all members to use real estate as an asset to achieve wealth and freedom. Austin is also the co-host of RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, a Canadian real estate podcast which educates the everyday investor on how to invest in real estate through interviewing experts.


Mayu’s Bio:
Mayu Thava is a 29-year-old full-time real estate investor, mortgage agent, real estate coach and flipper. Mayu built his real estate portfolio through leveraging unsecured lines of credit, which today has allowed him to create a portfolio of over 50 rental units across Windsor, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake, New Brunswick and the GTA. In May 2021, Mayu left his full-time corporate job to jump into the real estate and financing world full-time. Mayu is actively involved in growing the RISE Network and a co-host of the RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast both of which are focused on educating everyday investors on how to successfully invest in real estate.

Toronto’s Next Hottest Neighbourhoods! Why and how to invest there!

Date: Wednesday, June 23
Place: Zoom
6:30 – 7:00 pm: Online networking
7:00 – 9:00 pm: Presentations
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Get ahead of the masses!

Volition is going to show you four neighbourhoods to keep an eye on which have the potential of turning into Toronto’s Next Hottest Neighbourhood. We will walk you through “Why this neighbourhood”, the pros/cons of each, and which investment business models work in these areas. This isn’t just throwing a dart at a map and hoping that we get lucky; this is based on decades of investing experience, deep analytics, and most important, synthesis of these findings into viable investment strategies.

Firstly, we will teach you the FUNDAMENTALS (BOORRRING, but necessary!). We will help you understand what drives the popularity and growth of a neighbourhood. This will include validating the framework by applying it to other areas that have gone through similar gentrification cycles.

Second, we will apply our RESEARCH to help us narrow down the areas in Toronto that have potential.

Third, we will break down and ANALYZE these areas to determine how well they do (or don’t) fit these criteria according to the well-established economic fundamentals and framework.

Last, we will SYNTHESIZE our learnings into real-life investment strategies that are suitable for those areas.

**BONUS** We will be talking about pitfalls, things to look out for, and things to be aware of when embarking on a higher-risk-but-higher-reward business model… and most importantly, what to do to mitigate those risks.

This is groundbreaking stuff! Volition is always looking 5-10 years ahead to understand untapped potential and opportunities that others can’t see. By getting ahead of the masses, you have the potential to outpace Toronto’s average appreciation rate, outpace Toronto’s average rent growth rate, and get in early while prices are relatively low before the average Torontonian starts looking at these areas!

Join our Mastermind Meetup here: www.meetup.com/volition

Access the slides (all 124 of them!) and the FULL recording below.

4:52 – Market Minute: Sales volume, average prices, new listings, sales to new listing ratio

13:54 – Volition Market Data: Tracking home price index in like-for-like properties

18:09 – Introducing the framework for Toronto’s Next Hottest Neighbourhoods

34:48 – Applying the framework to narrow down Toronto’s Next Hottest Neighbourhoods

51:08 – East Harbour

1:19:16 – Case Study: East Harbour

1:25:24 – Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction (Triangle)

1:35:04 – Case Study: Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction (Triangle)

1:43:32 – 5 Neighbourhoods with transit + gentrification

1:52:09 – Mt. Dennis

1:59:29 – Science Centre

2:08:40 – Summary of Toronto’s Next Hottest Neighbourhoods

Advanced Tax Planning & Strategies with Expert RE Accountant, Cherry Chan!

Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom
Cost: Free

“It’s not about how much you make… it’s about how much you keep!”

Improper tax planning can be one of the largest drains on your real estate investments, so join us on May 19 and learn how to pay less tax!

We’ll be joined by Cherry Chan, expert Real Estate Accountant, and covering topics like:

– When should I incorporate?
– Should I buy in a corporation?
– Taxes on corporations?
– Active vs passive income?
– Business corps – using profits to invest?

It’s essential to understand these things even if you only have one property. If you’ve already accumulated a few properties, it’s even more important to correct any mistakes you’ve made. Bad planning can completely kill some investment business cases, so come learn how to do things right with one of the best in the industry!

Watch the full recording:



About Cherry Chan
Cherry is an entrepreneur, an author, a blogger, a mom of two young kids. Her accounting practice specializes in helping Real Estate Investors reach their investment goals.

Cherry started her real estate investment journey over 10 years ago. She started by buying one student rental in her own name then two more in the same year. Now she co-owns multiple properties with her husband.

Cherry graduated with the Honour Roll on the Chartered Accountant Uniform Final Exam, top 10 in Ontario and top 50 in all of Canada. She was named “Top 50 Women in Accounting” globally in 2018.

She has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Investors and has met over a thousand of them. Cherry is in high demand as a public speaker for her tax knowledge. Through her blog, she has been inspiring others to take charge of their lives, make changes and take action.

Cherry is also a Best-Selling Author on Amazon for her book called “Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Investing”. She can be reached via her website at RealEstateTaxTips.ca

Join our Mastermind Meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/volition/

AMA! Ask Me Anything – Live Q&A with Real Estate Investing Experts!

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom
Cost: Free

Back by popular demand, our Real Estate Investing AMA – Ask Me Anything! This edition will be centered around the following themes:

  • How do you scale and grow your real estate business?
  • You’ve bought your first or second rental property. Now what?
  • Using your RRSPs to invest in real estate
  • Structuring your Real Estate systems as a business
  • Raising capital with JV partners

We have put together an expert panel of Real Estate Investors to answer all of your burning questions live on Zoom!


About Niran Kulathungam
Niran Kulathungam, an award-winning leader, speaker and personal development engineer, is a Founding Member of Legacy Global Group Inc. He is skilled at engaging conversations around money and its deployment to create significance. As a Financial Life Professional and Master Coach, he provides leadership and training to entrepreneurs and businesses.

Niran’s passion for people, for ideas and for life provided more than enough impetus to found The Ascension Principle, a company dedicated to helping others realize their potential, change their lives and change the world.

Niran actively invests in Real Estate and provide coaching and mentorship for others. He is a veteran member of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Niran’s prowess has been recognized with various awards (REIN Multifamily Investor of the Year, Renovator of the Year, Michael Millenaar Leadership Award) and he has been published and quoted by industry leaders such as Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and REIN Life Magazine.

About Denise and Stuart MacPherson
Denise and Stuart MacPherson are award-winning real estate investors and dynamic entrepreneurs living in the Ottawa area. Drawing from their successful careers in the public and private sectors, Denise and Stuart began investing in real estate in 2010. They are active members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and have both served on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO). They are each certified as Real Estate Investment Advisors and Financial Life Professionals and regularly provide coaching and advice to investors across Canada. They have great experience in a variety of strategies and are now deeply involved in development opportunities, turning income properties to their highest and best use through redevelopment and construction. They have developed expertise in leveraging unconventional financing options and teach others on how to use these innovative strategies. They routinely host a series of group support and networking events for new and experienced real estate investors.


Insurance for INVESTORS – “Insuring” you avoid coverage pitfalls!

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Place: Zoom
Cost: Free

Being a sophisticated investor requires mitigating risk from all angles. This month we welcome property insurance expert Dan Tetzlaff of Hub Insurance to bring attention to common coverage pitfalls in investment property insurance.

Home insurance is typically an afterthought for most investors, and most investors typically shop around for the cheapest possible policy. Dan will bring to light how, in an attempt to save a nominal amount per month on a cheaper policy, you may be opening yourself up to SIGNIFICANT risk.

– Do you know if your property is adequately insured?
– Do you know the differences between a regular homeowner policy and an investor-grade policy?
– If your tenant destroys your unit, would your insurance policy cover the repairs?
– Is your policy named perils coverage or broad form coverage? Do you know the difference?
– Are you aware of how long your vacancy allowance period is?

Access the slides and full recording below.

Join our monthly Mastermind Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Volition/

A rare glimpse at current projects!

Date: February 20, 2020
Time: 11:00am -1:00 pm
Place: Zoom

Don’t miss this rare chance to see our current projects!

We typically can’t bring the public onto a live construction site, but on February 20, technology will break that barrier! We’ll be sharing tours from properties that are currently under construction and opening the floor to your questions.

Our street smart tours in the past have had a fantastic reception. You’ll learn first-hand what we look for when analyzing and evaluating a potential investment property so that nothing goes overlooked. You’ll have that extra advantage as you make your future strategic investments! You’ll also learn about the high-level construction process and how we turn an average home into an investment goldmine.

Slides and full recording below. 

Join our monthly Meetups here: www.meetup.com/volition 

10 AM – 5 PM
Tickets: $149

Register here: hopin.com/events/toronto-rei-masterclass

We’re going virtual for our second annual all-day Masterclass!

If you only go to *one* event this year – THIS IS THE ONE!

Come learn from the Volition team, Toronto’s real estate investment experts and organizers of the largest and most active Real Estate Investment Meetup in Toronto. We’ve helped clients generate $113M+ in wealth, and $10.3M+ in cashflow using these strategies and we are here to help you do the same.

Who this Masterclass is for:

  • If you are NEW to real estate investing and don’t know how to get started – this is the event for you!
  • If you are a SEASONED investor and are looking for ways to take your investing to the next level – this is the event for you!
  • If you have a partner, spouse, or family member who has RESERVATIONS about your desire to invest in real estate and is concerned that it’s too risky – this is the event for them!
  • If you ATTENDED LAST YEAR, COVID has changed the market – this is still the event for you!

What this Masterclass is about:

We have jammed years of experience and knowledge into one intense day of learning. We’ve distilled 5 years of Volition Meetup content down to the essentials. This course will cover THE BEST AND MOST RELEVANT content with a singular goal in mind – to give you the confidence and knowledge to be successful in 2021!

You’ll get answers to the MOST PRESSING QUESTIONS from investors, including:

  • What is the role of cashflow?
  • How can I quit my full-time job?
  • How does my real estate help me retire?
  • What is the difference between Cheap vs Value Investing?
  • How are sophisticated investors handling the current market?
  • What are the relevant factors that I should consider when investing in an area?
  • What fundamentals underpin a real estate market for long term sustainable growth?
  • What do more advanced business models (multifamily conversions, laneway housing) look like?
  • What kind of ROI can I expect and how does real estate compare to other investing methods?

This Masterclass IS:

  • A comprehensive course containing EVERYTHING you need to know to get started with your investing in 2021
  • Covering various real estate investment business models that work in Toronto, being used in 2020/21 by Volition investors
  • Your chance to learn real estate theory and fundamentals, and more importantly, how to APPLY them to the Toronto market to understand if Toronto is a market worth investing in
  • An opportunity for you to speak and network with successful investors that were in your shoes who took massive action, as well as other aspiring investors who are at the same level as you

This Masterclass is NOT:

  • A “get rich quick” scheme
  • How to flip houses for a quick buck
  • Trying to convince you that this is going to be an easy journey
  • Trying to convince you that wholesaling is easy and that anyone can do it
  • Endorsing $0 money down investment schemes or any other hair-brained “strategies”
  • Trying to repurpose US-based content or strategies specific to other provinces or small towns for Toronto
  • A theory-only seminar that only gives you high-level information about investing, but doesn’t make it relevant for you and the Toronto market

You’ll leave the session with a repeatable, risk-mitigated blueprint teaching you how to invest in real estate the right way. You’ll learn how real estate makes money, how to properly analyze properties, understand the cashflow myth, how to mitigate risk, and so much more!

How this Masterclass is run:

  • This all-day intensive is completely virtual
  • A mix of pre-recorded content and live sessions allowing for a streamlined approach and a chance to ask your questions and get answers in real-time, without detracting from the presentations
  • An expert panel of “Real People, doing Real $#!T” – they all started from somewhere different but have one thing in common, they took massive action!
  • Special guest speakers and experts on mortgage financing from VINE Group

NOTE: This event is FOR YOU! If there are burning questions you have that you would like addressed during the event, please email them to info@volitionprop.com and we will do our best to incorporate them into the presentation.


About Volition Properties Inc.

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm. We provide real estate education, help clients buy investment properties, renovate and build income properties, and have sophisticated property management. We have helped clients invest over $228MM in real estate in the Toronto area – we can guide you too!

[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; free will. Living life by design, not by default.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
6:30 – 9:00 pm

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. “There are only two types of real estate investors out there: ones who HAVE run out of money and ones who WILL run out of money.” Let’s all be the latter!!

If you’re a Real Estate Investor, you’ll know that financing is your biggest pain in the ass (next to tenants, of course!).

If you’re a Real Estate Investor, you’ll know that every property you buy makes it harder to buy the next one (because of the 50% rental offset and increased Debt Servicing).

If you’re a Real Estate Investor, you’ll know that you’re eventually going to hit the “Financing Wall”, and then no one will lend any more mortgages to you (number of doors policy, etc.).



We strive to solve problems, so we’re bringing in one of Canada’s top investor-focused mortgage experts to share secrets to help YOU purchase over and over again.

Jacob Perez, Partner at Synergy Mortgage Group, left his downtown Toronto tech career & scaled to 40+ Doors and Million+ Net Worth by the age of 30. In this presentation, he will show YOU how to reverse engineer the underwriting process to scale faster. He’ll cover:

– Setting yourself up for success by conducting a portfolio analysis before you start investing
– Making the most of your capital with the “BRRR Method”
– “Zero impact” properties, and how they allow you to purchase over and over at your maximum purchase price
– Refinancing multi-family properties
– What the implications are of legal vs. self-contained units
– How rental income plays a factor in your mortgage qualification
– How to win the appraisal process by mitigating risk and positioning your property to get the best results


About the speaker:

Jacob Perez has been featured on Realtor.ca, the Matt McKeever Youtube Channel, Andrew Hines show, etc. Investing in Hamilton, ON since he was 22 years old, Jacob leveraged the BRRR strategy to grow his portfolio (40+ doors) and list of Joint Venture partners. In 2018 he began as a Mortgage Agent, partnered with Synergy Mortgage Group and opened his investor-focused brokerage which helps over 500+ investors every year in Ontario. Jacob teaches strategies to reverse engineer the mortgage process that enable everyday people to grow huge portfolios.

Watch the full recording below!

Do you know how to protect yourself as a landlord?
Do you know what it takes to avoid “professional” and “predatory” tenants?
Did you know that the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board laws heavily favours the tenants?

Tenants have always been one of, if not THE BIGGEST risks to your real estate investing business. Mix in a global pandemic resulting in people losing their jobs, and a backlog of cases at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) and things are even more skewed against landlords.

Learn from the incredible Veteran Landlord Legal Representative, Steven J. Smith, in this important session about how to protect yourself with full knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), and what is going on in our COVID impacted world.

You’ll also hear some stories about the good, the bad and the ugly side of tenant management, as well as what we can learn from each scenario. When we spoke with Steven, he had a whopping 350 cases on his desk – his time is incredibly valuable, you do not want to miss this session!

About the Speaker

Steven J. Smith owner of Handsmith Advocate & Paralegal is Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, has been in practice for 25 years with the last 20 years dedicated to Residential Tenancy Law which is his primary area of practice. Steven is exclusively a Landlord Representative providing representation throughout Southern Ontario. Many Law firms and Real Estate Brokerages will immediately refer you to Steven when they hear it is a Landlord & Tenant issue you are dealing with whether it be trying to evict a Tenant or responding to a Tenant claim against you. Steven’s firm has always had an educational approach assisting Clients in correcting defective processes that they may be engaging which is often the root of many of the problems Landlord’s face. Steven’s educational approach extends to doing sessions for Landlord Groups and also for Real Estate Brokerages in aid of overcoming the significant deficiency of most of the Real Estate community in their understanding and working knowledge of how the process works and how the Law is applied.

Steven has an RTA Landlord package that corrects the deficiencies in the Standardized lease (the package retails for $80.00 inclusive of HST) and recently has developed a strategy for purchase and sale cases that is exclusive to his firm and deals with the delay getting a hearing in a timely manner.

Toronto Market Updates – November 2020



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