Have you always wondered how the world of executive rentals work? How are some investors able to get $3000, $4000 sometimes upwards of $5000 in rents on their condos? Join us to hear Rick Aubry speak! Rick is the Managing Partner at Premiere Suites and will be teaching us all about the world of executive rentals!

For most unsophisticated consumer-level investors, cashflow negative between $200-$400 is a reality when buying a regular investment condo. As sophisticated investors, this isn’t good enough for us. We are supposed to be sophisticated, so let’s act like it!! By thinking creatively and strategically, we can potentially offset or circumvent this negative cashflow. Executive rentals may be the solution: it may be the rental strategy that we employ in order to support your acquisition strategy, allowing you to continue to invest.

More importantly, learn how this can potentially creates a new opportunity for making condos work again… opening the door to investing in Toronto with lower amounts of investable capital. While we still believe in triplexes in downtown Toronto, not everyone has $300-750k of capital available to be able to buy/create a luxurious cashflowing triplex. But perhaps you have $150-200k of capital available? Wouldn’t it be great to also be able to cashflow positive with lower amounts of capital… WITHOUT having to go outside Toronto to the smaller, more risky towns just because it is “cheaper”? While at the same time, rest assured knowing that your property is being occupied by an corporate executive level individual who treat the property like their own?


You can access the Meetup slides and the Meetup video here 



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[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; free will. Living life by design, not by default.]

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