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34 joined our first ever REI Coffeehouse Webchat!!  About 20 stayed for the entire time, and 11 stuck around at the end to fill out a poll.  Pretty positive response… Most people rated it between 8-10 (out of 10)!!  And 10 out of 11 people said that they would join again.  I myself thought it was kinda boring, but maybe that was because I was staring into a blank sea of black screens (most people kept their webcams off) and so it kinda felt like I was talking to myself!!

Topics covered:

  • AirBnb (and possible tax implications)
  • Executive Fully-Furnished rentals
  • Condo Assignments
  • HELOCs
  • “Flipping to yourself” as a strategy
  • Including/excluding utilities in rents
  • Property Management



You can access the web chat video here 



Volition is starting a FREE Monthly Online “REI Coffeehouse” Web Chat!  Based on feedback from our clients and investors, you want MORE!  More networking, more Q&A time, more learning, more community, more like-minded people, more engagement… And that a Meetup once a month wasn’t enough!  Volition’s mandate has always been to remove obstacles and roadblocks… and now the REI Coffeehouse will solve this problem!

Why did we call this a “Coffeehouse Chat”?  Because the format is simple.  No format.  No presentation.  No script.  Just an informal 1hr online web conference chat that you can log into from your computer during your workday lunch hour (12pm-1pm)… not too much different than if you were meeting a friend for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop.  Just real people with real problems, and maybe the occasional guest speaker.  Send in your questions beforehand, and then we’ll chat about them and answer your questions with everyone else on the line… others may even jump in with their own input or experiences.  Even if you don’t have a specific question, join the web chat anyway because you can join from your computer!! (and it’s FREE!!)

The REI Coffeehouse will be using, so have your laptop’s webcam and microphone on to join the web chat.  And we’ll be screen recording it and posting each REI Coffeehouse Chat on our website, along with our Monthly Meetup content.

We will be scheduling our REI Coffeehouse Chats thru (, so make sure you go there and sign up to get notified of the next one!

What do you think? Will you be logging on and joining us to talk about all-things-real-estate??

(1. Also, if you have any suggestions on the format, content, etc., let me know by posting it below!)
(2. If you have a suggestion on the SPECIFIC TIME other than the planned 12pm-1pm, also let us know by posting it below!)



Edward Zhang of Volition Properties was the guest speaker of this week’s “Vine Rant”, the Vine Group’s weekly VLOG providing updates on everything and anything real estate.  

Whether you are buying, selling or investing in your first rental property, the Toronto real estate market is still growing – but with limited supply to meet the demand.  Edward sheds some light on turn-key investment properties, market trends, and (perhaps most controversially) why investors shouldn’t focus JUST on cash-flow.

The Vine guys are top-notch (how else do you get to finance almost $2 BILLION worth of mortgages?), and are a strategic partner of the Volition team offering our clients mortgage solutions and financing/wealth advice to our clients.  Check this and other videos at the Vine Group’s weekly Vine Rant.

Matthew Lee as Guest Speaker on Vine Rant VLOG

Matthew Lee of Volition Investment Properties was featured as the first ever guest speaker on the “Vine Rant”, the Vine Group’s weekly VLOG providing updates on everything and anything real estate.  While Vine Group provides up-to-date perspectives from a financing perspective, Matthew provides expert insights into the Toronto Real Estate Market from a Real Estate Investment Advisor and Investor Realtor perspective. 

Check this and other videos at the Vine Group’s weekly Vine Rant.



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